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AL-NOOR OPRHANAGE CENTRE is a registered non-profit organization NPO-028-544 and a registered welfare childrens home No: 5/5/20/2/1C6887, public benefit institution Reg No: 0074/4/529/15/7 established 2001 Al-Noor does not receive any subsidy from government and rely solely on good hearted individuals and from companies for sustenance.


The main aim of AL-NOOR ORPHANAGE is to protect vulnerable orphans; HIV/AIDS infected & affected & abused children by providing them with accommodation, education, medical, cultural and human basic needs.


alnoororphanage19  VOLUNTEER

Work in Alnoor Orphanage to help give children the care they need.
Our orphanage are attached to schools, and as a volunteer you will be expected to  teach or povide care as well. However, spending the entire day with the children you’ll be working with is one of the most rewarding experiences for a volunteer, and the bonds you will make will endure long after your placement is over. 



 HIV/ AIDS Awareness. / Prevention and Treatment
This programme was introduced, because many of the resident children at AL-Noor Orphanage are infected and affected by the HIV/ AIDS Pandemic. Either the mother or father was infected, or the uncle or aunt was infected, and the trauma these children went through, prompted the AL-Noor Orphanage to introduce this programme, not only for the benefit of the Children of AL-Noor Orphanage but for the communities where they previously lived.













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