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AL-NOOR OPRHANAGE CENTRE is a registered non-profit organization NPO-028-544 and a registered welfare childrens home No: 5/5/20/2/1C6887, public benefit institution Reg No: 0074/4/529/15/7 established 2001. Al-Noor does not receive any subsidy from government and rely solely on good hearted individuals and from companies for sustenance.

The main aim of AL-NOOR ORPHANAGE is to protect vulnerable orphans; HIV/AIDS infected & affected & abused children by providing them with accommodation, education, medical, cultural and human basic needs.

To Fulfill these main aims AL-NOOR continues the following programmes:AlNoorOrphanagelogo40

-Boarding & Lodging 
-Childrens Educational Programmes 
-School back-up services. 
-Cultural Activities 
-Interpersonal Skills 
-Capacity Building 
-Skills Development 
-Integration Programmes 
-sports & Recreation 
-Reconstruction services & Community Development.

We kindly request your moral and financial support to achieve our objectives because we can not do it ourselves without your support and participation. The burden of responsibility is left with the public through the registrar of social services which enables members of the public to adopt, help, implement procedures and developmental and re-integration programmes and care for those children until the age of 18 years. These are children who are underage with no supportive source of income,May the creator of all mankind, help us in the accomplishment of doing good works in this world to earn his reward in the hereafter. Yours in the service of Humanity.

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NPO REG:NPO-028-544 WELFARE REG: NO. 15/5/20/2/1 C6887 
Public Benefit No:0074/529/15/7

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