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AL-NOOR OPRHANAGE CENTRE is a registered non-profit organization NPO-028-544 and a registered welfare childrens home No: 5/5/20/2/1C6887, public benefit institution Reg No: 0074/4/529/15/7 established 2001. Al-Noor does not receive any subsidy from government and rely solely on good hearted individuals and from companies for sustenance.

Breaking News

On Monday the 10th of June 2019 around 16:00pm, the Department of Social Development forcefully removed 16 not 17 of our children on allegation of abuse.

The department has failed dismal to inform the children about the process and their removal, and they forced them to take all their belongings. That process was not child friendly, thus not in the interest of the children, thus violating the children and traumatising them.


The home was not issued with any tangible reasons nor notice of removal, the management of AL-Noor made several attempts to communicate with the Department with regards to plan of action and to urge that due process to be followed. The system and processes employed by the department were indeed unfair and not in the interest of the children or their well being.

The department promised to send communication to the home, but instead decided to forward the misleading information to the media houses without even meeting the home. This was a shocking indictment to us because Social Development had not spoken to us in that effect. The children are currently placed in juvenile delinquent centres, places that drug addicts, children at risk who are dangerous are placed. Our children are undoubtedly not in conducive placements, hereto putting their safety at risk. The home has not been provided an opportunity to respond or to attend to their allegation, but instantly crucified by the Department of Social Development without engaging us or involving the institution.  We are appealing to the public to support the home and the children in these trying times. These allegations are malicious and unfounded as they have not yet been put to test.  Every year our home is subjected to a statutory Quality Assurance and Monitoring and Evaluation conducted by the Department of Social Development, and we have been successful passing all requirements. Our current registration expires in December and renewal upon M&E report finalisation.


We urge members of the public, our friends, donors and those with our children’s interest at here to support and stand against this mischievous and ill treatment of the children by the Department.

We do not receive Government funding, and we operate as a self sustainable project and it’s worthwhile to note that none of our kids have been tested for sexual or physical abuse as yet.

More about us

The orphanage caters and care for orphans and grossly impoverished children coming from the communities of Langa,Crossroads,Hanover Park,Woodstock,Gugulethu,Khayelitsha,some parts of the Eastern Cape like Sada and Zingohlo,some areas of Kwazulu Natal of Kwamashu, Umlazi and Ladysmith.

These Children mostly come from HIV/Aids infected families, broken homes, grossly deprived homes, while others come from homes where they were mentally, physically and emotionally abused.

They are usually referred to Al-Noor Orphanage Centre via social workers, school authorities, NGOs Social Development Departments, police and other community workers of the public.


Al Noor Orphanage Centre are based in Woodstock Cape Town South Africa in services the greater communities of Langa, Gugulethu, Hanover Park, Khayalitsha, and Nyanga, in the western Cape, South Africa

HIV/ AIDS Awareness. / Prevention and Treatment Skills Development Programmes & Capacity Building Initiatives. Arts & Crafts, Sewing and Cultural Programmes. Reconstruction services and Community Development Education resource planning: managing the implementation process Alterations
We take Pride in our Service to the Community • HIV /AIds • Skilss Development • Education & Training •Community & Social Development • Peer Education • Computer Training & Repairs • Baking & Cooking • Sewing & Beading • Weaving• Sewing & Beading • Weaving • Women & Child Abuse Counseling • Outreached Programme • Reintegration Programmes

volunteer and build HOPE

Work in Alnoor Orphanage to help give children the care they need.

Our orphanage are attached to schools, and as a volunteer you will be expected to  teach or povide care as well. However, spending the entire day with the children you’ll be working with is one of the most rewarding experiences for a volunteer, and the bonds you will make will endure long after your placement is over. 

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Al-Noor does not receive any subsidy from government and rely solely on good hearted individuals and from companies for sustenance. We kindly request your moral and financial support to achieve our objectives because we can not do it ourselves without your support and participation.


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