HIV/ AIDS Awareness.
Prevention and Treatment

This programme was introduced, because many of the resident children at AL-Noor Orphanage are infected and affected by the HIV/ AIDS Pandemic. Either the infected and aff ected by the HIV/ AIDS Pandemic. Either the mother or father was infected, or the uncle or aunt was infected, and the trauma these children went through, prompted the AL-Noor Orphanage to introduce this programme, not only for the benefit of the Children of AL-Noor Orphanage but for the communities where they previously lived.
JOINTLY with the HIV | AIDS programme ( substance abuse and stress management )
-Women & Child abuse counseling
-Bereavement Counseling
-Sexual Abuse Counseling, dealing with lost, etc.

Skills Development Programmes & Capacity Building Initiatives.

The AL-Noor Orphanage has found that our children, lack essential skills, as well as children and families from our communities to facilitate integration. For this reason we have introduce this essential programme to train the children in the following disciplines.
– Leadership Skills 
– PC Training

Arts & Crafts, Sewing and Cultural Programmes.

Due to the lack of activities of the children of AL-Noor Orphanage. It has become necessary to introduce this programme for the benefit of the children of AL-Noor and children from our communities.
– Weaving this activity are weaving of mats
– Bead Making
– Dress Making & Pattern Grading
– Arts & Culture
– Pottery and Gardening
– Catering
– Table laying and Table waiting.

Reconstruction services and Community Development

-Alnoor works with the communities, all stake holders, families and relatives from the backgrounds where these children are coming from, to make sure that Orphans children stay in homes and institutions for long time period but should be well equiped and re-integrated into their communities, and re-united with their families and guardians thereby closing the gaps of poverty and rectifying the situations that put these kids in Alnoor in the face place.


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